The long tradition in CICSA Quality Assurance, certified according to ISO 9000 (now ISO 9000:2008) since 1990, guarantees continuous inspection of every product after each processing stage.

CICSA chains are produced on modern manufacturing equipments to ensure a high standard of quality. We manufacture a wide range of chains up to a diameter 42 mm for elevators and conveyors, with all the corresponding attachments, connecting links, driving and return wheels, buckets, designed to meet all capacity requirements.

CICSA chains feature an exceptionally high wear resistance together with high breaking load and resistance to brittle facture thanks to a special production technology.
Chains for material handling plants are deep case hardened in order to minimize wear and achieve maximum chain life under the most severe service.
Special solutions are available for transportation of corrosive materials, high temperature operation or specially demanding environments.
All the components of the chain systems are developed and tested on our own facilities, and they are manufactured with very close production tolerances to guarantee smooth operation and uniformity of results.
Design of the replaceable components, such as individual teeth on chain sprockets, ensure a long operating life with minimum maintenance and down time requirements.

Detailed assembly and maintenance instructions are provided to guarantee customer satisfaction and operational safety of the chain systems.
Our information and technical support team are available for consultation.
Special furnaces and heat tretment facilities, especially developed for our products, allow to perform advanced heat treatments with controlled atmospheres.

Proof tests cover 100% of the production, and breaking tests are applied to each production batch, with breaking of several samples. CICSA can carry out destructive tests with special traction benches developed for its own products, reaching forces up to 2500 kN !